Arion CPU and CUDA Benchmark

Test your computer, challenge your friends.

Arion Benchmark

ArionBench is a software tool that allows you to benchmark the computing performance of your machine.

ArionBench is based on Arion 2 Technology (RCSDK), so it is capable of putting your CPUs and/or GPUs under heavy stress, to see how fast they perform when they must face the task of simulating the flow of light in a 3D scene.

ArionBench, and the list of results that we keep on this page, are fantastic tools for generic hardware analysis. But moreover, they are particularly valuable for Arion users who need to make a decision as to what CPUs or GPUs to buy for optimal rendering performance.


An x86 computer and (recommended) an nVidia CUDA video card

ArionBench can run on any modern 32-bit/64-bit computer. However, to benefit from hardware acceleration (GPU), a nVidia CUDA video card with sm_20 (or newer) compute capability is required. Any GeForce card of the 400 series (or newer) and the corresponding Tesla/Quadro models are supported.

Up-to-date video drivers

The most recent video drivers are recommended for compatibility with the version of CUDA (5.0) that ArionBench is using. Please upgrade your drivers by downloading the appropriate version here.

To verify that your video card can run programs made for (at least) sm_20, please check your hardware on nVidia's website.

What's in the package?

Inside the .zip file you will find ArionBench executables for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. If you run these, ArionBench will use all the compatible CPUs and GPUs present in the system. Additionally, we've added a bunch of .bat files to benchmark your CPUs or your GPUs specifically.

The following tables describe what each file in the package does:

ArionBench 32-bit
ArionBench 64-bit
ArionBench_32.exe Runs with default settings (all devices)
ArionBench_32_hardware.bat Runs on available GPUs only
ArionBench_32_software.bat Runs on available CPUs only
ArionBench_32_hybrid.bat Runs on all available CPUs and GPUs
cudart32_50_35.dll Required library for ArionBench to run
ArionBench_64.exe Runs with default settings (all devices)
ArionBench_64_hardware.bat Runs on available GPUs only
ArionBench_64_software.bat Runs on available CPUs only
ArionBench_64_hybrid.bat Runs on all available CPUs and GPUs
cudart64_50_35.dll Required library for ArionBench to run