ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.0

RandomControl is proud to announce the release of ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.0.

ArionFX v3.5.0 has been entirely revamped, from its user interface to its core features.

ArionFX for Photoshop is now faster and brings many improvements based on customer feedback.

v3.5.0 new features

New features, increased performance, new interface are just a taste of what is included in this release.

ArionFX for Photoshop v3.5.0 is a great milestone bringing many new features and improvements to your high dynamic range workflow.

Photoshop CC 2015 and 2015.5 support

Full support for Photoshop from CS3 to CC 2015.5 (64-bit)

32-bit color grading

A brand new set of tools to do color correction (grading) in full 32-bit has been added.

Zoom and pan

You can now zoom and pan the preview, or work at 1:1.

Preview at 1:1 resolution option

It is now possible to force ArionFX to work at real size.

This can be useful to have proper preview of the despeckler.

Vastly improved despeckler speed

The despeckler is now so fast it's almost interactive.

New Input tab

The input tab allows to apply some modifications in HDR before the image is processed.

Input color space

It is now possible to select the color space that was used to generate the file to respect it.

Output color space

It is also possible to change the color space to match the target color settings of your pipeline.

HDR photo filter

Modulate the image color tone in full HDR before processing by ArionFX effects.

HDR upcast

Increase or decrease the luminance of pixels for stronger lens effects.

Lens aperture map

Overrides ArionFX's built-in parametric iris with any custom map.

Lens obstacle map

A new obstacle map slot is now available to simulate dust, scratches or any trace on the lens that perturbs the glare.

Lens dirt map

The dirt map is a quick way to add an overlaid image on top of your lens to add all kind of artistical effects.

Iris aspect

It is now possible to change the iris aspect, for example to mimic anamorphic lenses.

Iris decay

The iris decay makes the glare fade and blend nicely in the image.

Improved downsampled bloom

Downsampled bloom now looks much better than in previous releases.

Improved downsampled glare

Downsampled glare now looks much better than in previous releases.

ArionFX command-line tool

ArionFX v3.5.0 for Photoshop now comes with a command-line interface (CLI) installed in C:\Program Files\RandomControl\ArionFX for Photoshop.

The ArionFX CLI tool can be used to batch-process images or frames of an animation and supports our .xml presets file format.

You can find a complete user guide on how to use the ArionFX CLI tool here: ArionFX CLI tool documentation.

The animation above has been rendered in Arion for 3ds Max and batch-processed with ArionFX CLI executable.

For more information visit the ArionFX page. and the ArionFX documentation.

Stay tuned for future releases!