ArionFX for Nuke v3.5.2

RandomControl is proud to announce the release of ArionFX for Nuke v3.5.2.

ArionFX for Nuke v3.5.2 brings the acclaimed features of our Photoshop plug-in to The Foundry Nuke, the industry leader in video post-processing.

ArionFX for Nuke is fully integrated in Nuke's interface and offers new high dynamic range abilities to Nuke's users.

v3.5.2 features

ArionFX for Nuke v3.5.2 is a brand new The Foundry's Nuke plug-in bringing many new features and improvements to your high dynamic range workflow.

Nuke 9 and 10 support

Full support for Nuke 64-bit v9 & 10, all sub-versions (64-bit)

HDR input modulation

Input modulation allows to lower or increase pixels luminance of the input data based on low and high thresholds.

  • Input colorspace.

  • Output colorspace.

  • HDR photo filter.

  • HDR downcast (lower luminance of pixels below a threshold).

  • HDR upcast (increse luminance of pixels above a threshold).

  • Custom aperture shape with a texture file.

  • Obstacle map to create glare diffraction perturbations.

  • Dirt map to add lens dirt overlay.

  • Parametric lens aperture with custom # of blades, blade curvature, decay and iris aspect.

Super-fast HDR despeckler

Remove speckles of N-pixels and fireflies at interactive speeds.

HDR film grain

A neat film grain feature that respects the dynamic range of your images.

HDR Lens vignetting

Simulates the light reduction at the periphery of the picture.

HDR Lens fringing

Fringing or chromatic aberration simulates cheap and old lenses with chromatic distortion at the periphery of the picture.

HDR bloom effect

Full 32-bit color correction and grading.

HDR Glare effect

High dynamic range, physically-based lens glare diffraction effect.

Advanced tone-mapping

Providing 5 different tonemapper operators:

  • Reinhard '02 Global operator.

  • Reinhard '02 Local operator.

  • Reinhard '05 Global operator.

  • Reinhard '05 Local operator.

  • RandomControl '14 Local operator.

32-bit Color grading

Full 32-bit color correction and grading.

For more information visit the ArionFX for Nuke page. and the ArionFX for Nuke documentation.

Stay tuned for future releases!