Testimonial: Studio Podrini

Meet Marco Podrini, CEO of Studio Podrini.

Studio Podrini is one of our most loyal and prolific customers. We're grateful that Marco has taken the time to answer some questions we've asked him about his experience with RandomControl technology, Arion, and GPU rendering.

Studio Podrini is a design and visualization studio based in Pesaro, Italy that has met an incredible success and expension in the last few years, and we couldn't help but notice that their increase of productivity might have been related to their 100% Arion-based pipeline.

Last year Marco sent us a hard copy of each and every catalog Studio Podrini has produced during the year 2011 and we were absolutely blown away by the quality and the massive amount of renders (probably several hundreds of them, each one being a different scene) they managed to pull off.

Today we are very happy and proud to receive Marco and ask him about his experience with RandomControl's products.

You can contact Studio Podrini at studiopodrini@gmail.com

RandomControl: Hello Marco, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Marco Podrini: My name is Marco Podrini, I am a 3D artist and designer, and the co-founder of a studio called Studio Podrini.

I have been working in 3D for the last 10 years, specialising myself in the field of photo-realistic rendering. I create catalogs and brochures for various industries such as: furniture manufacturing, industrial & mechanical design, advertising...

I work for many important and famous Italian brands who have decided to rely on 3D rendering for their advertisements.

R.C.: When did you hear about RandomControl's products for the first time?

M.P.: My first contact with RandomControl's technology was when I decided to try an unbiased engine to improve the quality of my work, and after trying one of the first releases of fryrender I decided to do all my production with that engine from then on. The simplicity of use, the render quality and the overall speed compared to other engines looked like a perfect combination to me!

R.C.: For how long have you been using RandomControl technology?

M.P.: It must be about 6 years now... since the first version of fryrender! And I have never looked back :)

R.C.: When we announced the release of Arion, you were the first in line to buy. Are you happy with your purchase?

M.P.: I have this personal slogan "Arion changed my life", because it has allowed me to triple my clients and my productivity. The new CUDA-accelerated technology brought by Arion when it came out allowed me to produce renders as good as with fryrender, but about 10 times faster. So for me the release of Arion was a turning point in my career!

R.C.: How has Arion transformed your daily work?

M.P.: My daily work changed deeply. The possibility to set my scene in real-time gives me an impressive degree of control over the lighting, material setting and camera placement. Many other settings also become very easy! For the first time I could see the effect of all the rendering parameters interactively, without having to do test renders all the way.

R.C: How did hybrid CPU and GPU rendering change everything?

M.P.: GPU rendering give me a big advantage over my competitors. GPU rendering is very efficient. It's very easy and cheap to add computing power to your computer by simply adding another GPU. When I progressively turned my farm to the new GTX680 and the kepler architecture, RandomControl immediately proposed me with a compatible version. The power efficiency of Kepler allowed me to achieve a rendered pixels/watt ratio I thought was not possible.

I have build one of the first 8 gpu system, using external PCI extenders, and now i have my own little farm with over 30 GPUs dispatched accross several computers, for a total of over 15,000 CUDA cores that are available at any moment when work becomes demanding.

R.C.: What have your clients been saying about the projects that you have delivered with Arion so far?

M.P.: The clients are of course very happy. Not only with the quality of the final image but also with the speed of the previews and my reactivity to make the changes they request.

Arion has given me a whole new level of control!

R.C.: If you could choose one feature you would like to see implemented in the future, what would it be?

M.P.: I think that at this point Arion and MAX LIVE have all the features that I need for my daily work, so my request is simple: Keep it that way! All I could wish for is more optimizations and speed. :)

R.C.: Thank you for your time and your warm welcome. Keep up the fantastic work!