![ ](/downloads/press-kit/00.-RandomControl/randomcontrol-logo-alpha-magenta.png) ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-home.mp4) _**RandomControl** is a software company founded in 2008 specialized in GPU-accelerated simulation of the physics of light for product rendering and image post-processing._ Our Products =================================================== This is our current productline: * [Maverick Studio](https://maverickrender.com/studio/) is a very easy-to-use product rendering application that harnesses our proprietary light simulation technology with intuitive drag-and-drop tools. - [Website](https://maverickrender.com/studio/) - YouTube [@maverickrender](https://youtube.com/maverickrender/) - Twitter [@maverickrender](https://twitter.com/maverickrender/) - Instagram [@maverickrender](https://instagram.com/maverickrender/) * [Maverick Indie](https://maverickrender.com/indie/), the baby brother of Maverick Studio, is an ideal tool to import 3D models or materials and render highly photo-real presentations and turntables. - [Website](https://maverickrender.com/indie/) * [Maverick Benchmark](https://maverickrender.com/benchmark/) is a consistent and reliable free-to-use tool that stress-tests Nvidia GPUs to tell how performant they are. - [Website](https://maverickrender.com/benchmark/) * [ArionFX](http://arionfx.com/) is the acclaimed HDR post-processing plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and After Effects based on our render engine's tone-mapping toolchain. - [Website](http://arionfx.com/) Our History =================================================== _We can proudly say that we have been at the forefront of physically-based rendering and GPU-acceleration for nearly two decades._ This is a chronology of our main releases over the years: * ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-maverick-indie.webp width="192")_Late 2019_. **Maverick Indie** is an excellent rendering solution to import models and materials from Substance Painter/Designer, Zbrush, or Sketchfab and take amazing photo-real shots or render turntable presentations with the best quality and the least effort.
* ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-maverick-studio.webp width="192")_Mid-2019_. **Maverick Studio** is a GPU-accelerated render engine where our proprietary light simulation core is harnessed behind intuitive drag-and-drop tools. In Maverick you can import 3D models or CAD data and render impressive photo-real images with minimal effort.
* ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-double-down.webp width="192")_Early 2018_. **Double-down**. We were blessed by some business opportunities in 2017 that eventually led to the arrival of private investment. The goal was to double-down on our main areas of expertise: physically-based light simulation, image post-processing, and GPU-acceleration.
* ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-arionfx.webp width="192")_2014_. **ArionFX** is a set of tools for Lens Effects and HDR image post-processing that spawns from the tonemapping toolchain in Arion. ArionFX is distributed as a plug-in for all versions of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Some of the most remarkable features of ArionFX are physically-based Bloom & Glare, and advanced local/global Tone-Compression operators.
* ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-arion.webp width="192")_2011_. **Arion**. The success of fryrender led to the birth of Arion, which started as a port/rewrite of the fryrender core in Nvidia CUDA. Arion was one of the first GPU-accelerated render engines in the market. Over the years, most of the 3D industry has followed the same path.
* ![ ](/images/randomcontrol-history-fryrender.webp width="192")_2006_. **Fryrender** was a pioneering product in the field of unbiased simulation of the physics of light. This approach to image synthesis, which meant a radical departure from classic rendering at the moment, has been widely embraced by the industry since then. Connect With Us =================================================== For inquiries specific to any of the Maverick products, please email us at: * [gorilla@maverickrender.com](mailto:gorilla@maverickrender.com) * [info@maverickexcelsior.com](mailto:info@maverickexcelsior.com) For any other inquiries, our main company email is: * [info@randomcontrol.com](mailto:info@randomcontrol.com) To learn more about what we do, please visit our Social Media as linked above. Press Kit =================================================== High-resolution product images and logos are available in our electronic [press kit](https://randomcontrol.com/downloads/press-kit.zip).
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